Dear customer,

because of my early interest in the American Civil War I started to research the equipment of the common soldiers. Also because of technical interest I began to reproduce equipment pieces made of leather, like holster, for example. Soon I found out, that "sutler's row" leather products weren't very authentic in comparison with original artifacts.

Thus I developed the ambition to start producing the most authentic and historically correct reproductions available in Germany. The most difficult task was to get correct materials like the different sorts of leather, correct hardware and also correct patterns.

I'm exclusively using linen thread instead of modern, synthetic thread. Traditionaly made handsewn seams are made with waxed or pitched thread.

Because of increasing requests for authentic leather items from other periods I even started to produce items for the Napoleonic area and the twentieth century in high and authentic quality. A particular speciality of mine is the production of historical footwear. Of course there is less expensive footwear on the market, produced in middle east or Mexico, but it is not matching mine concerning authenticity, workmanship and details.

I hope to have given you an appropriate insight into my work and the quality of my products.

Turnaround time for shoes and boots is ca. 6-8 months at the moment!

All prices are incl. 19% sales tax, if you are non EU resident and the item is shipped outside the EU this tax does not apply!

Minimum order 25 Euro!

With best regards,


Jan-Henrik Berger