Wehrmacht lace-up shoe
The typical laced shoe of the Wehrmacht in its early form around 1940-1943 had 10 eyelets and 8 hooks per shoe and was issued unblackened to the troops. The Landser had to take over the blackening themselves.

With my laced shoes I put the greatest possible attention on the detail fidelity of the shoes. They are made of 2.5-3mm thick oiled leather, like the originals. The vamp is made with the flesh side facing out. The long sole is pegged and stitched in two rows, the half sole is pegged. As a standard I provide the heels with typical original heel irons and the soles withoriginal hob nails.

On request, I can reinforce the toe of the sole with toe plates. Surcharge 7,50 Euro. Blackening 9,00 Euro. Please indicate the desired extras when ordering in the field additional information!

Attention: new leather laces have to adapt first, if they are put on too tightly especially with new shoes it can lead to tearing of the laces. So first put them on carefully until they are soft!

The lace-up shoes are available in sizes 40-48 ( 27-32 Wehrmacht).
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